Blaen Cwm Penant, near Porthmadog


in North Wales

Spiritual Direction

Although the term is commonly used, “Spiritual Direction” is a misleading expression as I have no intention whatsoever to “tell you what to do” during one of our (usually) hour-long sessions!


“Spiritual guidance” or ‘facilitation’ are probably better expressions.  For in ‘SD’ I aim to assist you in finding out within yourself where God is acting in your life; how he is directing you and what activities, sentiments, etc. will prove most fruitful in moving your life closer to the Lord.


Much of the time this will be by my simply listening to you as you relate how ordinary life is going for you; whether and how fruitfully you are able to pray; and what are the desires and attractions you experience in your life.   Then by simple prompts or questions, I assist you to reflect on your experiences, such that you may find out what changes of attitudes or activities will lead to a fruitful life; especially in terms of your relationship to God and submission to his plans for you.


In all this listening, I undertake to be completely non-judgemental (you are the one who knows the truth of what you say;) and of course completely confidential (the one exception to the latter might be in the unusual case of hearing mention of actual harm to a person, whereupon it could be necessary to engage the help of outside agencies.)


I invite you to give it a try.   I assure you there is absolutely nothing to lose and, potentially, the world to gain!   With your permission, I might frequently suggest we finish our sessions with a short extemporary prayer from myself to which, should you wish, you can add.


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An excellent article on Spiritual Direction from the Liturgy Office of the Conference of Catholic Bishos of England and Wales: 

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