Blaen Cwm Penant, near Porthmadog


in North Wales

Please note that in spiritual direction I am wearing a different ‘hat’ compared to when I carry out my duties as a priest.


•  In “spiritual direction” I will be glad to listen to any concerns you may have; to help you reflect on God’s purposes in them; and to facilitate your growth in relationship with the Lord.


•  All that passes between us will be in confidence unless I hear of possible hurt to anyone, whereupon it may be necessary to enlist the help of relevant authorities.


•  Our sessions will not normally last longer than one hour and may be satisfactory for a shorter period.  If, after our first meeting, we both agree it would be helpful for you to come again, we will discuss what interval between meetings will best help you; this would rarely be more frequent than monthly and could be much longer.


•  I expect you to attend when agreed unless you inform me as soon as possible beforehand.  I would let you know in the unlikely event that any planned meeting proved impossible for me to hold to.  Please do not visit when not expected.   Do ensure I have a phone number, a postal address and preferably also an e.mail address for you.


•  It is not normally good to continue our discussions by phone or e.mail (bar changing arrangements to meet) except in any sort of emergency.


•  We will hold to a professional relationship (rather than any conventional friendship) and will not allow that to be compromised in any way.


•  Please note that entry to my property is entirely at your own risk; though I undertake to exercise all reasonable, normal, care.  It is approached up 6 shallow slate steps with a handrail; if this is a problem and you would prefer to meet at your home, do discuss this with me.  (We need a location where we can expect to be undisturbed for up to an hour.)


•  Each of us will always have the option to terminate our sessions without recrimination, should either of us feel that would be for the best.


•  As I no longer have a full income (supporting my house from pensions, supply work, etc.) I may like to discuss with you after our first (free) meeting, to what extent you can offer a small stipend for any future meetings.  (Bear in mind the cost of my training and some simple resources I may need to fund myself, as well as the time I offer you.)


•  I undertake to hold you in my prayers for the duration of our work together, and look forward to a fruitful relationship.

Our 'contract' for spiritual direction: