Blaen Cwm Penant, near Porthmadog


in North Wales

Premarriage Course

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This is just an outline of my usual premarriage course (in 4 separate meetings:)


1st hour-long meeting:  Overview of the Church’s understanding of Christian marriage; how it has subtle features that are not seen in just 'living together' or even in a registry marriage of non-Christians; leading onto one or two exercises looking at how the two of you relate (these can be fun!)


2nd hour:  Looking into aspects of marriage such as:  continuing to explore how you relate; your parental family’s expectations of daily life vs. your partner’s family’s expectations; who does what in your relationship; each of your attitudes to religion; attitudes to money, etc.


3rd Hour:  Your attitudes to having children and to their rearing; sexuality; some discussion on natural family planning; further time for questions; etc.


4th hour:  Canon (Church) Law of marriage; filling in and signing of the Catholic Church’s “Information for Marriage” form and discussing the permissions needed (eg. for a mixed-religion marriage;) a look at the legal contractual words of the ‘Consent’ in the marriage service and their significance; planning your service- whether to go for a Nuptial Mass or for the Wedding Service without Mass and Holy Communion; the bible readings to be used and who would read them; the bridal march, hymns and wedding march; arrangements for flowers; arranging a date for a rehearsal and who can attend that; etc.  Conclusion.   (Note that planning your particular service will usually need to be with the clergyman who officiates at your wedding; not necessarily Fr. Bob.)