Blaen Cwm Penant, near Porthmadog


in North Wales

N.B:  You are NOT limited to these, but should ensure well-known hymns are used as many wedding guests may not be regular church-goers, and we want the singing to be as good as possible in the circumstances.   For the simple marriage service, 2 or 3 hymns are usually enough; but if you are also having a Nuptial Mass, one more could be chosen.   See the hymn books in the parish where you are marrying for other choices, e.g. any under a “marriage” index at the back of the book.


A new commandment I give unto you

Amazing Grace

Bind us together, Lord

Give me joy in my heart

Lead us heavenly Father, lead us

Lord of all hopefulness

Love divine all loves excelling

Love is his word

Morning has broken

My God loves me

Now thank we all our God

Oh the love of my Lord is the essence

Praise my soul the King of Heaven

Praise we our God with joy

The Lord’s my shepherd (Crimmond)

This is my will my one command


(For a Nuptial Mass, if you are having one, any of the offertory and communion hymns in the hymn book may be used at those parts of the Mass – see the relevant indexes at the back.)


Many like the Bridal March at the start, and the Wedding March at the end of the service, but the organist can play anything suitable provided he has the music!    Likewise during the signing of the registers.

Some popular hymns suitable for Marriages