Blaen Cwm Penant, near Porthmadog


in North Wales

Marriage bidding-prayers

As part of your marriage service, we have some prayers specifically tailored to yourselves and your situation.  Those following are a draft set whose petitions you are welcome to adjust or add to in any way you wish.   Fr. Bob can help you with this.    (The "Reader" parts are normally proclaimed during the service by a friend or relative of the couple.)


Intercessory Prayers (“Bidding Prayers”) for (the Nuptial Blessing in) the Marriage of (Groom & Bride)

(time) Saturday (date) 201


Priest:    (Says prayer from his booklet, & reminds people of their response – “Lord, graciously hear us”)


Reader:  1.  May the grace of God given in this sacrament of matrimony, be always active in (Groom & Bride)

                   May they be inspired and strengthened in times of trial, and be filled with gratitude when all goes well.

                   ( - short pause for silent prayer - )    Priest: Lord hear us:  People: Lord, graciously hear us.


Reader:  2.  May the love of (Groom & Bride) grow large enough to embrace the children God may send them.  

                   And in their turn, may children bring ever greater happiness to their parents.

                   ( - pause - )    Priest: Lord, hear us:  People: Lord, graciously hear us.


Reader:  3.  By this marriage our two families have been united. May all of us, and particularly the parents of (Groom & Bride),

                   increase in affection for one another, and in one another find a source of help and strength.

                   ( - pause - )    Priest: Lord hear us:  People: Lord graciously hear us.


Reader:  4.  We pray for all the friends of (Groom & Bride), especially those who have helped to bring them to this happy day.  

                   May God bless them with the gift of his own undying friendship.

                   ( - pause - )    Priest: Lord hear us:   People: Lord graciously hear us.


Reader:  5.  Let us now pause for a moment to make the prayers each of us especially wants to make in our heart.  

                   ( - pause - )    Priest: Lord, hear us:   People: Lord graciously hear us.


(The priest now makes the nuptial blessing (or prayer) from his booklet.)


(Reader:  After this blessing [or prayer] you may return to your seat.)